Lighting the Way

ImageLong gone are the days when audiences were seen holding lighters up during their favourite songs. Nowadays arenas, stadiums and concert halls are lit up with the flashing lights of cameras, phones even iPads (some people really do bring iPads to concerts). For me the photo above highlights media and spaces as they merge into common practice situations. I find myself spending time at a concert making sure I get the perfect picture to remember it by or calling a friend when a particular song comes on. So is media invading such spaces which were once only shared between the entertainer and audience or has media allowed the entertainer to reach a wider audience?

An example could be the latest State of Origin which saw us sadly defeated again! I probably watched a whole 20 minutes all together however through my Facebook newsfeed I feel as though I was at all 3 matches. I knew every bad call by the ref and every point we managed to score while spending that 80 minutes elsewhere.

Some may feel that media spaces have become too invasive or too integrated with our day to day lives others see the benefits and connectivity it provides, we can’t always make every concert or sporting event we wish too but media allows us in some ways to feel as though we are still part of the overall event.

Who knows what we will be used as lights by audiences in 50 years, any ideas???


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