How public is your privacy?

Once upon a time it was easy to distinguish a public space from a private one. A house was a private space and a cinema was a public space. However in today’s society where media and technology have become a part of our everyday lives this distinction has become blurred and almost interchangeable. 

Matt Patterson writes a piece on his research which sees public space as an old concept. When we go to a shopping mall we may talk on our mobiles and simply browse around by ourselves creating a private experience yet we are considered to be in a public space. In reverse we can be at home and yet share what we are doing through social media therefore how private is our time at home if all our friends are aware of what we just watched or ate? 

Patterson argues ‘that public spaces are not necessarily disappearing, but that we need to re-think how we define space.’ How do you define a public and private space in the media age we live in? Do you feel as though going to the cinema is a public experience or have times changed and we are just more anti social when out in public? Before a mobile phone or constant showings of films people would go to the theatre and socialise with the other people attending, now we simply give our review of a film on facebook and are social there.
Oh how times have changed!

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