70s Flash Back


The cinema today is somewhere we go when its raining or we are simply bored. Growing up it was an exciting treat but mostly for the sweets and fizzy drinks that we knew came along with it. Speaking to Karen a 50 year old mother of two, I found out that years ago the cinema experience was very different.

Attending as a kid in the early 70s Karen remembers the excitement and fun she used to have going with her family over in the UK. She describes the cinemas as small theatres much like the ones we would go to watch shows in nowadays. Unlike todays seats she recalls the audience being divided by having stalls and a top circle instead of having one big room.

Could you imagine going to the cinema ready with your drink and popcorn only to find that the seats have no cup holders…oh the nightmare! but cup holders were not also a given and the seats were not the cushioned comfy ones we are used to.

Karen’s favourite part was the interval when an ice cream lady would come around the Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.08.17 PMaudience offering yummy refreshments. The concept to me sounds strange and nowadays I don’t think stopping a movie half way through would be well received. Although it would be nice if the food and drinks were brought to you and we could avoid those endless queues!

I was interested as to when Karen first started going to the cinema by herself as children were generally allowed out at a much younger age in those days. I found out that cinemas ran saturday morning screenings for children and she saw many of the disney classics there with her siblings from the age of 8.

Times have definitely changed and cinema has evolved into something quite different. Audiences were generalised unlike today where audience segmentation is prominant or maybe all the choice has made us picky! Karen feels as though going to the cinema is once again becoming a special occasion not because of the overall experience  but because of its cost!


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