Time for some reflection…

It has been a very interesting experience writing a blog on media audiences due to the fact that I myself am part of the audience. The concepts of public and private space and the role that media plays in those arenas leads to constant questioning and evaluating of the society we live in. Addressing topics such as cinema, television, and our reliance on media allows us to ask the questions we didn’t even realise we had and many times I realised that I fit quite easily into the typical outline of a generation Y media user.

I set out to write my blog in a format that would attract people of the same generation and who think very similarly about media such as the use of Facebook or the culture of fandom. My main aim was to make my audience question these concepts just as I was and to take time to consider why we participate as an audience the way that we do.

In terms of my readership it took me a while to link my blog with other social media in an effective way. From the beginning I opted to use Twitter to tweet when I had written a new blog post encouraging followers to have a read. I found this method to not have the success I had hoped and decided to use Facebook instead. Although I was late to use this platform after a single status asking my Facebook friends to check out my blog on media audiences my statistics in comparison to my previous ones sky rocketed! Instead of having the occasional one or two views I received 22 and also received feedback from people that enjoyed the read. In future I will make sure to use Facebook as a way to capture the attention of the audience I am trying to reach and use their feedback in my posts.

Connecting with other student’s blogs allowed me to broaden my own ideas and become part of their audiences as well. The topic of media audiences highlights how broad the media world is and how many interpretations can be drawn. The blogosphere is an example of how audiences are using media in the digital age that we live and how active we really are. The opinions and views that I started with have dramatically changed and expanded through the course of this topic and it has encouraged me to stay online and get more involved. We all have a voice and now is the perfect time to let your ideas and opinions be heard. This can also however have negative effects and there is definitely a balancing act that occurs in the world of social media.

On reflection I feel that my writing and the way I processed information to draw conclusions developed positively and I learned how to reach the audience I wanted. Media audiences will continue evolving and I might just stay online to question it as it happens!


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