I’ll have journalism infused with pop culture please….

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Dan Berkowitz poses the question, regarding pop culture and journalism, “How do these two media forms infuse each other?”. While considering my answer I realised there may not be one yet.

New technology has been giving audiences and professionals interactive ways of getting information out there and as a result is reshaping both journalism and pop culture spheres. While they both expand and change individually they are also crossing over and in turn assisting the expansion of the other. Many years ago it would have been easy to define journalism as professionally published  writing, produced by a trained and experienced individual, but how accurate is this definition today?

 Blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, nowadays journalism can be as short as a 42 character post or a citizens photograph. If this is the case the previous description  of journalism is inadequate but redefining the age old industry proves difficult. There is a constant debate over what characteristics make writing journalism and it often comes down to a matter of opinion. What is evident though is the power audiences have gained in the journalism arena since transitioning from a passive to an active position . The London Bombings of 2005 was mostly documented by commuters who were on their way to work and news networks and newspapers relied on these first hand experiences for their professional reports. 

 We can see that pop culture is directly affecting journalism and the ways in which it is now perceived and accepted by the general public. Pop culture reflects the masses, and social networking allows people with similar interests to connect and  select what they want to see, read and listen to. It has in turn allowed journalism to expand due to the niche markets the internet allows us to access and has produced a new area of pop culture.

As they infuse each other in todays society would pop culture and journalism suffer without the other? 


♦Berkowitz, D, 2009, ‘Journalism in the broader cultural mediascape’, Journalism, 10:290, last accessed 25/03/14, http://jou.sagepub.com.ezproxy.uow.edu.au/content/10/3/290.full.pdf

♦Till, F, 205, ‘Citizen journalists’ move to centre stage after London bombings’, The National Business Review’, last accessed 25/03/14, http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/citizen-journalists-move-centre-stage-after-london-bombings


One thought on “I’ll have journalism infused with pop culture please….

  1. I think they are heavily intertwined! Popular culture can influence what journalists write about, while simultaneously, journalism can invigorate or start pop culture trends. In my opinion, it isn’t a bad thing so long as the public is news literate.

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