Time for a little optimism

This week I watched two videos that explored the future of journalism and the speculation that currently surrounds the profession. One video presented an interview with New York Times, David Carr and Andrew R. Lack, the other with Tom Rosenstiel at TED X Atlanta both discussing the topic and providing different perspectives. 
What stood out for me was the optimistic approach both took when looking at the future of journalism and the digitalisation of society. Today we hear a lot of negatives about the impact technology has had on the younger generations, and how our face-to-face interactions are suffering as we become dependant on our technological devices.

What David Carr presents is another way of looking at it by reminding the viewer that every few years there is new concern and criticism of the latest technology. It was mentioned that “maybe we are walking into the best of all possible eras” for journalism, we just don’t know because we really have no idea what to expect. All we are currently doing is speculating and it would seem as though much of it is negative.

It got me thinking and I realised that society is known to fear the unknown and to approach it with caution, however how bad can it really become. Yes, journalism is changing and old media is exactly that, old, however new media is not killing it, it is simply evolving. David Carr acknowledges this and comments that it is a natural change and 

George Brock writes on The Conversation.com that “Journalism is forced to re-invent itself at regular intervals and always has been”. Tom Rosentiel said “the audience will determine the future of news” which means that the control is shifting and therefore it is hard to predict where journalism is heading but the unknown may be positive. I think instead of expecting the worst and worrying about where news journalism will be in 10 years we should embrace what we have and utilise it in positive ways. As David Car mentions “back in the day” wasn’t actually that great!



♦Brock, G, 2013, ‘Spike the gloom-journalism has a bright future’, The Conversation, http://theconversation.com/spike-the-gloom-journalism-has-a-bright-future-17907


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